How can I apply the techniques such as temporal-loss weighting and time marching

I want to try the tricks written in the document below, but they seem not used
in the sample code of 1d wave equation.

<1D Wave Equation>

For temporal-loss weighting, maybe, I can handle it by rewriting the lambda_weighting as follows;


interior = PointwiseInteriorConstraint(
    outvar={"wave_equation": 0},
    bounds={x: (0, L)},
    lambda_weighting={"wave_equation": Ct*(1-t_symbol/Te)+1}, <---- this part
domain.add_constraint(interior, "interior")

But, for time marching trick, I have no idea how to use this because I need to use the current iteration number during training but
I don’t know how to reference it.
If you have a sample code, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.