How can I become a registered developer?

I tried to register as a CUDA developer. I have filled out the register form twice. Except for the “Thank you from the nVidia team”, I haven’t got any reply yet. Is there some other requirements to become a registered developer? Or do we need to buy something first?

No purchase required, but whatever group handles those registrations seems to be kind of slow. There have been complaints about response time in the past, but I don’t know what the average turn around is for developer registration.

Two years ago it took some months, also be aware that applications with email adresses like gmail were ignored back then.


What name, email address, etc are you using to register?

Also, what OS & browser? We approve these almost daily now, but sometimes browser/OS compatibility issues block some applications

name: Chuntao HONG


OS: Windows Vista

browser: Firefox 3


I have also registered, and wonder how long it takes to get an approval. I didn’t get a “Thank you from the nVidia team” e-mail, is there any reason to worry?

name: Audun Torp

e-mail: auduntor @@@

OS: Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7

edit: There were no need to worry. I got the account pretty quick.

I didn’t get a “Thank you from the nVidia team” e-mail, too. And my registration was about two weeks ago. Now I’m wondering if something went wrong.

Name: Tobias Weiss
EMail: weissts [at]
OS: Debian Lenny 32Bit
Browser: Firefox 3.0.6

I would be happy to get some information. Thanks in advance.

Where can I register? I am wondering how honorable to become a registered developer :ph34r:…egistration.asp

I signed up probably a month ago and never heard anything…

Name: Jesse Harvey

EMail: jph4599[at]

OS: Windows XP 32 Bit

Browser: Firefox 3.0.10