How can I change Omni.Anim.People speed?

Try to make people walk faster, but I just changed varaible of speed between 0.0 to 1.0

How could I make people more faster, like as people were running.

my gut tells me the answer to that might be to either wait until the dev team (which not sure if it’s planned) or manually append a running animation on top of the existing selection of supported motions (idle, look around, queue, sit, stand, and walk), which feels like it’s a whole other effort.

the devs could probably provide more definitive answer, though.

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I want to decrease the walk speed using omni.anim.people.
But when i handle the line 105 of the code, the speed become lower than before but the human’s walking stride become too small… So when i record the data, It looks like that the human’s leg doesn’t move…

Is there any method that solve this problem?

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@phr0201 looks like you’ve made a new post pertaining your question, so i am just going to provide a link here to consolidate the answer for anyone else that have the same inquiry as yours in the future. (and would make the lives of the devs easier by having to answer only once)

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Hi @neo_cheng - This issue will be fixed in the release coming later this year (around Nov/Dec).

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