How can I change the contrast before pose estimation?

I’m writing posenet program based on the program below.

I have changed the program that be able to live stream by below.

input = videoSource(“/dev/video0”, argv=sys.argv) (line 52)

My problem is before processing the posenet, I’d like to change the contrast of the livestream.

Could anyone have good idea to achieve this?

Hi @nazenanoyou, do you have a particular image processing algorithm that you’d like to pre-process the data with, or are you referring to changing the contrast setting on your camera itself?

Hi @dusty_nv ! Thank you for your reply.

My question is latter. I’d like to change contrast setting of the web camera from python code.

I’m planning to detect raising hand with posenet on Jetson nano.
But, lighting environment of the position that I want to set the camera is not good. In some area of the camera view have heavy backlight so sometimes only raised hand cannot be detected even if other body parts are detected.
So, I was thinking by changing the contrast setting, it could be solved.

OK gotcha - I haven’t personally done this before, but I would start by trying to use v4l2-ctl utility to change the camera settings, like shown here:

Thank you for your suggestion dusty!

I was thinking using opencv to change the contrast but, lack of my programming skill could not achieve my purpose.

However with you first suggestion that using v4l2-ctl on terminal make it possible!
Now, I can change camera setting of contrast and after change the contrast, the setting is reflected even running python script.
I’ll make setting adjustment for lighting environment.

Really appreciate for you advice!

OK great, happy to help - glad that you were able to get it working!

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