How can I change the protocol per HCA On same ESXi 6 host?

I saw a many complains that MCX354A-FCBT VPI+ETH mode is impossible on vSphere anymore.

If there are 2 of CX-3 HCA like MCX353A-FCBT on each ESXi hosts, can I change 2nd HCA to ETH mode?

I saw a your release note that said change the protocol per port can’t.

Can I change the protocol per HCA?

If not can I use Mellanox IB HCA and Mellanox Ethernet on same ESXi host?

Hello Jae-Hoon Choi,

There is no problem to change the protocol per HCA.

For that, you can install Mellanox firmware tool (MFT) from Mellanox public website and use the mlxconfig tool.

For example:

mlxconfig -d set LINK_TYPE_P1=2 LINK_TYPE_P2=2

Additional information can be found in the MFT user manual.


Thank you for your answer.

I’m made a VPI Gateway with my 2 of SX6036G FDR Gateway systems on vSphere environment today.

Test was successful.

This system works like charm with Untangle 12 that running on Dell R310 physical system.

Sometimes later I’ll add a pair of MCX354A-FCBT to my 10 of R610 ESXi hosts then configure that HCAs. One is for IB another is for 40Gb Ethernet. Each port on HCA will connect to sepersted SX6036G then I’ll connrct to my Dell N2024’s 10Gb port with Mellanox QSA…:)