How can I check ASIC version on my SX6036G

I saw a Ethernet Interface issue on your MLNXOS like below.

How can I check ASIC revision?

Hi Jae,

use show invenrory here, and check the ASIC Rev column.

Note: A1 ASIC version is quite old.

Here is an example (but from a spectrum switch)

– > show asic-version == switch firmware version!

show asic-version


Module Device Version


MGMT SPC 13.350.410

show inventory

Module Part Number Serial Number Asic Rev. HW Rev.

CHASSIS MSN2700-CS2F MT1605X10867 N/A A6

MGMT MSN2700-CS2F MT1605X10867 0 A6

FAN1 MTEF-FANF-A MT1605X09058 N/A A3

FAN2 MTEF-FANF-A MT1605X09057 N/A A3

FAN3 MTEF-FANF-A MT1605X09056 N/A A3

FAN4 MTEF-FANF-A MT1605X09055 N/A A3

PS1 MTEF-PSF-AC-A MT1605X11490 N/A A3

PS2 MTEF-PSF-AC-A MT1605X11488 N/A A3

show asic-version

Thank you for your support!

I’m also check show asic-version command.

But show me a firmware only.

show inventory command show me a Chassis revision to me.

I can find Web GUI information.

I think probably this information equal to show inventory command.

Here is a final question.

What’s the exact my SX6036G’s asic revision.

2 of captures show me a ASIC revision 1.

Can’t my SX6036G’s support 56Gb Ethernet?

Can you run show system capabilities?

show system capabilities

IB: Supported, L2, Adaptive Routing

Ethernet: Supported, L2, L3

GW: Supported

Max SM nodes: 648

IB Max licensed speed: FDR

Ethernet Max licensed speed: 56Gb

Here it is…

Another one is

So it looks like you do have 56Gb/s supported in this switch.

Did you try to configure 56 on the Eth interface?


I didn’t tried it yet.

I’ll test it next July…:)

Unfortunately I’m very busy now.

If any problem arise in test I’ll make a new thread.

Best Regard.