How can I compile either MLNX_EN or MLNX_OFED from source?

I am trying to compile the mlx4_core.ko and mlx4_en.ko files from source and have been having multiple errors.

I am doing:

./configure --without-backport-patches --with-mlx4-mod --with-mlx4_core-mod --with-mlx4_en-mod

and getting errors when running make.

After running make -i and sudo make install, when I try to modprobe the drivers I get: Unknown symbol backport_elfcorehdr_addr (err -2) in dmesg.

The documentation inside the source code is very old and not helpful.

Can you help me?

I am trying to install it in Arch Linux, which supports neither deb nor rpm packages, so the only option is to build from source.

Please, omit usage ’ --without-backport-patches’. Why you are trying it in this way?