How can I config "globus2" device when I installin


I have 2 SMP nodes. I want to install PGI Fortran compiler on them and run some MPI or MPI+OpenMP program.

I had downloaded PGI workstation 7.1-5 for linux and installed it on 2 nodes respectively. installation is very easy, and I also installed the “mpich” which in that package.

Now I can use “pgf90 a.f -o a.out -Mmpi” to compil the MPI code, then use “mpirun -np 8 ./a.out” to run them on 1 SMP node.

But how can I run the MPI code on 2 SMP nodes?
And I want to use “globus” device, how can I config it? When I installed the mpich in that 7.1-5 package, which communication device was selected?


Now, I can run pure MPI code on 2 SMP nodes. I found the machine.Linux file and add my 2 nodes’ name into it.

And I found that it seem like use the ch_cenju3 device when I install mpich by default. My nodes is DEll690 and MacPro, I just want to use globus device, how should I do? I must first install globus environment and then install PGI workstation and its mpich library?

Hi Zhong,

By default, we configured MPI with ch_p4(TCP/IP) and I don’t think it will work with other devices but I could be wrong. We don’t have MPI support for Mac OSX yet.


thanks a lot.

Now I am trying install globus4.0.6, then install PGI workstation to see which device is chosen. If it isn’t globus device, I will install MPICH-G2.

By the way, our MacPro was installed opensuse10.3.

thank you.