How can I config the marvell 88e1512

My company designed a carrier board of Jetson AGX.We use the 88E1512 chip for network communication. However, we found that only the host can ping Xavier during our test, and Xavier cannot ping the host or transmit data through the network signal. I found that the 1512 chip needs to be set up properly according to my research. However, I don’t know how to set it up. As far as I understand, the 1512 chip is not a single-chip microcomputer and does not have firmware programs inside. It only has its driver program in the core board. I want to know if this is the case. Is its driver program in device tree form or marvell.c form? How should I rewrite the driver program?

I don’t quite understand what is your problem here. 88E1512 is already configured as default one on AGX Xavier devkit.

If it sill not able to work on your side, how about checking your hardware and if any firmware missing?

Thanks for your reply.Are you saying that the driver for the 88e1512 chip already exists on the core board?

AGX Xavier devkit by default is using this PHY. Which means all the software are all here already.

Ok,thanks,I will check the hardware again.

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