How can I connect this Camera?

I searched about the connection between the camera and the jetson AGX.
but I couldn`t find proper information.

I wonder this single-camera would work well with this connection and if this is the right part(connection seems weak)

Used ~$ cheese, but it says device is not found.

Used ~$ gst-launch-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc ! nvoverlaysink, but it says No cameras available

Thank you for reading

You need design a connector to connect to Xavier instead just connect flex cable to Xavier.

Have a check camera design guide from the download center.

Thank you for your answer

I read ‘Jetson AGX Xavier Series Camera Module Hardware Design Guide’ on the download center, but there are only a hardware design description about jetson board itself. Not the how to connect jetson with the camera. I think I`m missing something. Can you recommend more specific documents?

You need design a camera interposer module to connect the camera to Jetson AGX camera connector. The camera design guide include the pin definition of the B2B connector on Carrier board.
Here is the recommended mating terminal connector to be used.