How can I create segregated IPoIB networks on my SX6036?

I have two Infiniband networks running over multiple SX6005 (unmanaged) switches. The two networks are physically separate and require a subnet manager to be be running on each network. The subnet managers are running on a two dell optiplex boxes outfittted with Infiniband cards (it was a test system that made it’s way into production). I’d like to move both subnets onto the SX6036 switch and maintain the segregation between the Infiniband networks. All we run over the Infiniband networks are gluster and iSCSI.

Using the web GUI, under IB SM Mgmt I see an option for “partitions”. Is this what I should be looking into or is there a better way to achieve what I’m wanting to do?

Partitioning enforces isolation among systems sharing an InfiniBand fabric, The switch enables the configuration of partitions in an InfiniBand fabric. The partitions configuration is applicable and to be used only when the SM is enabled and running on the system SX6036.