How can I define the CanIDs that I want to receive in EasyCan?

The EasyCan can be used for now.
But, I want to receive other CanIDs that are not in the “easyCanconfigFile.conf”. So, I have changed some CanIDs,but I cannot receive them.
For example,I changed 37 line in EasyCanConfigFile.conf(MsgId : 0x701) to (MsgId: 0x503),and I used other CAN device(CANoe) to send CanID 0x503 to PX2, but I cannot receive CanId 0x503 from my PX2. Before I changed it, I used CANoe to send CanID 701 to PX2, I can receive it.
So, how can I define the CanIDs that I want to receive in aurix?

Dear zhenzhenz,

Please refer to “ The EasyCan config-File” session EB-DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2_P2379.pdf in

yes, I am checking on “ The EasyCan config-File”, but as it mentioned “In the EasyCan configuration file EasyCanConfigFile.conf 120 CAN messages can be defined to be received by the TEGRATM. It is located in /etc/eb/ on TEGRATM A.”
But,I cannot find /etc/eb…

Dear zhenzhenz,

Could you please refer to the following link for your topic?