How can I display the NVIDIA DDS Read Properties dialog?

Sorry for the elementary question.
NVIDIA DDS Read Properties dialog appears when opening a DDS file in Photoshop,
I accidentally pressed OK with the Show this dialog checkbox unchecked.
Can you tell me how to show NVIDIA DDS Read Properties again
thank you.

I am using the following
・Photoshop 23.4.2

Hi cielffrog! There’s an option to re-enable the Read Properties dialog in the tool’s About menu: to get there, go to Help > About Plugins > DDS - NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter…

The Help > About Plugins > DDS - NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter... menu dropdown in Photoshop.

then check Show Dialog when Reading Files:

A cropped screenshot of the Texture Tools Exporter About menu. Above the compression format visualization, there's the "Show Dialog when Reading Files" checkbox.

Hope this helps!



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