How can I download code into NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

There are include bootloader and FW. Could I download FW by USB? Thank you.

What do you mean download by USB?

Download from where?

My meaning is when new image needs be updated or image be lost. How can I do? Is it a “USB recovery mode” that descript in section 12.7 of design guide( Jetson_Xavier_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09693-001_v1.7.pdf)? Do you have any command or PC tool to do it?


If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you can try to use the sdkmangaer and try with NV devkit first.

I don’t think it is a good idea to directly check design guide document when you totally don’t know how things work here…

Recovery mode is the mode on which you can start to flash the BSP to the board ( same as your “download”).

Thanks for your suggestion. I will start to do schematic designed. As design guideline mentioned. Should I put a button to connect Force_Recovery pin and ground for entry recovery mode?

I am no hardware guy. I will let our hardware guy to reply your question.

When the recovery pin is grounded it is similar to a keyboard “shift” key, but it applies to either power on or power reset. Should the power be off, and you hold the recovery pin to ground, and then tap the power on button, you can then immediately let go of both buttons and the Jetson will be in recovery mode. Similarly, if the Jetson is already on, and you hold the recovery pin to ground, followed by tapping a power reset button, you can then immediately let go of the buttons and it will be in recovery mode.

Note that recovery mode does not change a Jetson other than temporarily putting it in a mode capable of being flashed by external flash software. Example of external flash: The JetPack/SDK Manager software mentioned earlier (there is also a command line version, but JetPack/SDKM is just a front end to that).

You have to have the correct Ubuntu host PC for flash via USB. A recovery mode Jetson is a “custom USB device”, and internally, the flash software has something called the “driver package”, and this is the driver which understands the custom USB device.

Do all of USB 2.0 can support OTG mode? Thank you.

All usb2 supports OTG mode. But only one port can be in device mode at same time.

Do USB0 can support recovery mode only? Thank you.

Only USB0 can work in recovery mode.

Device mode is not fully eqaul to recovery mode.

Yes, you can use a button or leave a header. Please refer to the design guide for custom design.

I want to emphasize that recovery mode is good only for flashing. Device mode is different (recovery mode is in device mode, but device mode function changes depending on what software is running the port). So in recovery mode you cannot just copy data as if it is a partition.

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