How can I download previous version of the cuda toolkit (CUDA 4.0 for UBUNTU 10.10)

The final goal is to install GPGPU-sim from here(and I would like to know whether it is GPGPU-sim 3.x or 4.x)

I am using UBUNTU 20.04 and I have no graphic cards(having just integrated gpu)

I believe I should download CUDA Toolkit 4.0 for UBUNTU 10.10 and SDK.

However, Download from here doesn’t work.

A message “The service is unavailable.” is popped.

Is There any solution that I can download this previous version of the CUDA Toolkit?

If not, Can you suggest alternative method to install gpgpu-sim?

Thanks for your help.

The file download seems to work fine from the page you linked at the present time, from within California, with a Windows 7 system running Firefox.

Purely by observation, based on occasional forums posts, there seem to be problems at times with content delivery outside the United States. Are you attempting to download from outside the United States? If so, which country?


Sorry, I spoke to soon. After trying some additonal links on that page, I get “service unavailable as well” for some of them. I know of no way to alert NVIDIA to this issue. If you are lucky, an NVIDIA moderator will find this topic and follow up internally.

Hi ,

I have the some issue as mayshin10, can anyone solve this download issue?

I am sorry for the late reply. I fixed it by downloading CUDA toolkit version 10.

You don’t need to worry about the version of CUDA toolkit because almost versions are supported by gpgpu-sim. According to the official gpgpu-sim menual in gihub, it is specified what versions are supported now.

So, just follow the manual…it will help you!