How can I edit the EuclidVR_anim scene?

I found out the excellent robot animation you have made!


But how can I edit the animation that is going on there?
I do not find any keys on curve editor…

If I try to delete the current animation:

then the robot falls apart:

I would say : right click on the animation in the outliner and click on “Browse to asset”, then double click on the asset.

Sorry, I cant find that from the popup menu:

I really need help with this, I am on deadline…

Hey @pekka.varis I animated this quite a while ago in maya and we used it to demo the MayaOV connector. So it’s exported with USD timesamples and not editable in the curve editor. We have a solution to this in an upcoming build where we will provide USD - Animcurve conversion. For now - animating joints in machinima is not possible but that’s also coming soon.

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I thought it something like this. Animation is very cool!!

Can I use machinima seq to play/pause this animation?
If so, what do I drag to timeline?

Thanks @pekka.varis Yes! Just drag and drop the prim root for each of the two animated skelmeshes onto the sequencer.

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