How can i export one GPIO pin? Where can i get the pin register address?

Dear All:
I want to via “echo 87 > /sys/class/gpio/export”,to export one gpio.but error report.

Then i want to refer to “Jetson TX2 MB1 Platform Configuration” export gpio.

but,where can i get the pin register address value : is the absolute register address.

Pinmux for used pins

pinmux.0x02434060 = ; # gen1_i2c_scl_pc5.PADCTL_CONN_GEN1_I2C_SCL_0

hello 504566020,

you should also note that there’re offsets for GPIO groups,
please access Jetson TX2 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide,
you’ll also need to check the [GPIO Changes] chapter for the GPIO numbers mapping formulas.

Thank you.