How can I feed p2~p6 of maskrcnn into proposalLayerPlugin of TensorRT OSS?

The proposalLayerPlugin takes two input tensors: object_score and object_delta,and object_score 's shape is [N,anchors,2,1],and 2 means 2 classes of objectness–foreground and background.But maskrcnn’s RPN layer uses sigmoid activation function , there is only one class of objectness–foreground,how can I feed p2~p6 of maskrcnn into proposalLayerPlugin?
The code of proposalLayerPlugin is here

I think that plugin was written for one particular implementation of maskrcnn that has two classes of objects.
You would have to rewrite the plugin (or write a different one) to support your usecase.


Yes, I have rewritten it, and the debugging passed.Thank you for your reply.