How can I fix MIPI CSI camera device name?

I connected 2 imx219 cameras on CSI connectors of Jetson Nano. (cam A on CSI0 port, cam B CSI1 port)

Sometimes cam A on CSI0 port is /dev/video0 and cam B on CSI1 port is /dev/video1, but sometimes vise versa.

Can I fix device name of cam A on CSI0 port as /dev/video0 ?

For CSI I can’t say how to fix it. I will say though that the numbering is based on the order of enumeration…meaning that whichever camera driver initializes first, that becomes “video0”, and whichever initializes next becomes “video1”. If this were USB, then there might be something in the verbose version of “sudo lsusb -vvv” which is unique to each camera; such a uniqueness can be used to trigger renaming via the udev system.

The fact that it uses the video0/video1 naming says that the driver is probably the same one which USB uses for a “standard” video device. Perhaps that means CSI can also use udev. Don’t know for sure. Anyone know if there is a way to perform a verbose query of a CSI device the same way that one can view USB?

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