How can I generate custom label for semantic segmentation?

I’ve applied semantic data via ‘Semantics Schema Editor’.
But when I try to record the data with ‘Synthetic Data Recorder’, the segmentation results are as below.
How does the ID is mapped by a class? Is it the sequence that I add the semantic schemes?

{“0”: {“class”: “BACKGROUND”}, “3”: {“class”: “robot”}, “4”: {“class”: “objects”}, “6”: {“class”: “person”}, “2”: {“class”: “box”}, “7”: {“class”: “ceiling”}, “5”: {“class”: “fence”}, “9”: {“class”: “floor”}, “8”: {“class”: “wall”}}

First, How do I customize the class ID number? For example I want to let floor class as class number 1.
Next, I can not find class “1”. Where can I find it? Is there any python scripts or something?

Thank you.

Hi there,

the id is uniquely assigned for each prim, using the instance ID annotator you should be able to get the mapping from the id number to the prim path.

Let me know if this does not work for you.


@ahaidu I have the same question. The documentation provided does not address this. How can we modify the ID of segmentations?

another simple example on my end,

these are the annotations ids:

{“0”: {“class”: “BACKGROUND”}, “3”: {“class”: “charging station”}, “4”: {“class”: “grass”}}

I want to modify these. I want, for example:

{“10”: {“class”: “BACKGROUND”}, “1”: {“class”: “charging station”}, “7”: {“class”: “grass”}}

how can I modify the IDs of the classes?

Thank you

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