How can i get access to to download the sdk and use with unreal 5

I been tried to download the SDK kit for use with unreal 5 to make an application that is connected to Nucleus by code

Hi @mario.ruiz. Welcome to the forums! Please consider joining our community on Discord too: NVIDIA Omniverse.

Kit 103.5.1 is rather old and we have newer versions. We have a Kit App Template that can help you get started creating an app that can connect to Nucleus to sync with UE5: Kit App Template — Omniverse Kit documentation

Sorry i make a wrong question actually i want the sdk to connect in runtime a nucleus for get models in runtime

No problem. We already have a Connector for UE5: Unreal Engine — Omniverse Connect documentation Is that not suitable for your needs?

Have you taken a look at the Connect Sample? That has the necessary SDKs: Connect Sample — Omniverse Connect documentation

If I want to make a connection like the Unreal connector but by code to do a dynamic update in real time of a USD actor. Do you know if it is possible?
I read the doumentation about the connection sample a bit, I will check more details

There is a Live Session sample you can leverage to create a live link Connect Sample — Omniverse Connect documentation (

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