How can i get decoded frame data in nvgstplayer-1.0 APP

Hello, everyone,
I want to decode video on the TX1,and i have read the nvgstplater-1.0 source code, but i don’t know how to get decoded frame data. My application pipeline:

  • file/rtsp parsing
  • video demuxing
  • video hard decoding
  • processing
  • save/display


Hello Renbo, thank you for alerting us about this issue. Please post your specific pipeline and HW/SW configuration, we will require more details to troubleshoot exactly what the issue might be.

Hello ctichenor, it’s my frist time to use the gstreamer. i just want to know how to get the decoded data.

In that case, you should start with the information available in the eLinux wiki or the multimedia user guide.