How can i get drivers for my older card?

ConnectX, PSID: MT_0F30120010, lspci says MT26448 (ConnectX En 10GigE, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s). I need the linux driver for RH 6.10. I have them for 6.9, but the installer errors out due to version. FW version 2.9.1200.

The RedHat 6.10 inbox driver should support this HCA.

could you please show the error message ?

I don’t have access to the inbox drivers, I was trying to find a download. I tried installing the latest 4.5- for 6.10, and the install was successful, but the eth ports did not enumerate ( ‘ifconfig -a’ showed nothing for the HCA. When they didn’t show up there, I took a look at the release notes and it doesn’t appear my HCA is included in table 4. I had originally downloaded 3.4- for 6.7 back a couple years ago when we were on 6.7 and that’s been working for some time (even after going to 6.8,6.9). But now that we’re on 6.10, we’re not getting the throughput we need, so I was going to try and update the driver.

and just to clarify, when I mentioned error, it was from trying to install a downloaded mlnx-en-4.2- driver. just running the default ./install, it complains about being intended for 6.9. I added the following options and tried again: “–distro rhel6.10 --without-fw-update --skip-distro-check -vvv --add-kernel-support” This hangs up the box. The last message I see on the terminal window is “Building mlnx-en RPMS . Please wait …”, and by hang up I mean all ssh terminals open are disconnected, and it takes about 2 minutes before a connection is accepted again (ie it self recovers, but the install process has died).