How can I grab the audio source synced to the rendered frames?

I have found some information on how to grab rendered frames: How to get the backbuffer of omniverse's current viewport?

But I have not found how to grab the video frames to be matched to pulling audio from the omniverse kit.

How can I grab audio being generated by my Omniverse app in sync with rendered camera frames?

Hi @adammpolak. I don’t think that’s currently supported. Is there any particular generated audio that you’re interested in recording? This will help me reach out to the right dev team.

Yes the audio being played by “audio player” which I use in Audio2face.


I think based on what you’re trying to build, it might be best for you to record the audio as you’re feeding it to A2F and then managing the syncing yourself. I’m checking with the dev team to see if audio recording is possible or on the roadmap.