how can i modify the I2C address of ov5693

hello everyone.
i am using the OV5693 camera of TX1 board,and OV5693 uses I2C bus 6 and it’s I2C address is 0x36.but i want modify the i2c address of ov5693,

i modify the I2C address as this way:
static struct i2c_board_info t210ref_ov5693_e3326_camera_i2c_device = {
I2C_BOARD_INFO(“ov5693_v4l2”, 0x36),
0x36—>0x40, but it is not work.

i hope someone can tell me how can i modify the I2C address.
thanks in advance.

Did you modify address on ov5693 side before changing code?

i can not get what you mean,can you tell me more detail?
i just want modify the i2c address of ov5693.
thanks again.

0x36 is I2C address of ov5639, it can be changed to 0x40 by connecting SID pin to high, what i mean is did you already connect SID pin to high?

i donot know how to set the SID pin to high , which source code should i modify ?

It is a hardware action, to add a pull up resistor (connected to a power source) to SID pin.