How can I name the sources in the configuration file?

I´m using the Jetson Nano with the Azure IOT Edge framework, when I check the logs from the NVIDIADeepStreamSDK docker, I see this output:

“version” : “4.0”,
“id” : 3715,
@timestamp” : “2020-08-20T09:05:49.158Z”,
“sensorId” : “HWY_20_AND_LOCUST__WBA__4_11_2018_4_59_59_379_AM_UTC-07_00”,
“objects” : [

is ok, but I would like to put a clear name to each of the sources, for me “sensorId” : “HWY_20_AND_LOCUST__WBA__4_11_2018_4_59_59_379_AM_UTC-07_00” has no sense, and the id is also no-sense.

I tried to use the camera-id property in the configuration file, but the output is the same.

how can I put a name to each source?, so in the output I can see for example “camera1” or “camera_frontdoor”


Hi @micuentadecasa
Sorry for late response!

Please refer to dstest5_msgconv_sample_config.txt - it contains sensor specific info.
And, if you are still using DS4.0, please upgrade to DS5.0.