How can i pass the Struct array of member of array to cublasGemmEx

I cant pass cublasGemmEx struct array 's member of array

i tryed three patern but every thing is not working.

void ozaki_fp16tofp64_sum(cublasHandle_t cublasH, cublasOperation_t transa, cublasOperation_t transb,
 int m, int  n, double *alpha, double *d_A, int lda, double *d_B, int  ldb, double *beta,
  double *d_D, int ldd,int numSplitArray,int numSplitArray2,SplitMatrix *SplitMat,
  SplitVector *SplitVec,float *TMP_C,half *dataSMptr[],half *dataSVptr[]){


SplitMatrix *d_SM;
SplitVector *d_SV;

half *A =nullptr;
half *B=nullptr;

    for(int i=0;i<numSplitArray;i++){
        for(int j=0;j<numSplitArray2;j++){

            printf("\nProblem 1 at %d %d\n",i,j);
CUDA_CHECK(cudaMemcpy(B,dataSVptr[j] ,sizeof(half*),cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost));

                 printf("\nProblem 2 st %d %d\n",i,j);

 CUBLAS_CHECK(cublasGemmEx(//16to32andtmpSegfo nannde
      cublasH, transa, transb, m, n, 1, alpha, 
       A, CUDA_R_16F, lda,
       B,CUDA_R_16F, ldb,
        beta, TMP_C, CUDA_R_32F, ldd,

here is a code :GitHub - AveNoF/OzakiScheme4GEMVbycublas: threre are bugs on cublasGemmEx that don't Eat

Have you reviewed this GemmBatchedEx example?

Yes already.
but cublas GemmEX returns only zeros when i use it for gemv.