How can I perform lane assignment by modifying the bpmp-dtb file?

In the document <tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_TX2_Adaption_Guide>, the UPHY Lane assignment can be defined by the uphy node in the bpmp-dtb file.where is the file? and what should I do to perform lane assignment?

You don’t need to change it through the bpmp-dtb.
Just change the ODM data in your board config and the kernel device tree.

e.g. sudo ./flash jetson-tx2 mmablk0p1
Then your board config is jetson-tx2.conf under Linux_for_Tegra.

Hello WayneWWW, can I update the ODM value by not flashing the system?

Sorry that currently there is no such way. You need to flash the system.

Which file would require the value of ODM? Or, when and where does ODM work?

Not sure what do you mean “require”. The ODM data works inside the bpmp for which we only provide as a firmware.

In the document <tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_TX2_Adaption_Guide>,tht type of changes: ODM data based feature
configuration . the DTSI Filename or location is tegra186-odm-data-plugin-manager.dtsi.
Can I change the file to achieve the effect of modifying the ODM value?

No, please don’t try to change tegra186-odm-data-plugin-manager.dtsi. It may mess up your system.

“The ODM data works inside the bpmp for which we only provide as a firmware.”.where is this firmware ?

You could see there is a bpmp.bin under bootloader.

Which file is bpmp-dtb?

It depends on the board you are using.

Normally something like “tegra186-a02-bpmp-quill-p3310-1000-cXX-00-te770d-ucm2.dtb”