How can i profile the tensorrt model after highly fused?

Hi Nv,
When I profile my tensorrt model, i find all the layers was fused to one layer by Myelin…
It cause the predicament how to profile it.

The profiling details which printed by trtexec is as follow:

[07/07/2022-00:14:54] [I] === Profile (83 iterations ) ===
[07/07/2022-00:14:54] [I]                              Layer   Time (ms)   Avg. Time (ms)   Time %
[07/07/2022-00:14:54] [I]  {ForeignNode[526...Reshape_1731]}     3225.14          38.8571    100.0
[07/07/2022-00:14:54] [I]                              Total     3225.14          38.8571    100.0

Tensorrt 8.4.10
cuda 11.4

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


Please try --profilingVerbosity=detailed.
Also following may help you.

Thank you.

Hi, spolisetty

Thanks for reply, I tried it but it comes into no effect.

I upload the log. I hope it can help you.
run_trt.log (456.7 KB)


Then Currently, the only way is to use Nsight Systems to profile it.

We are still working on exposing more layer details for this type of networks.

Thank you.