How can I reduce graphics card temperature?

I recently (about 2-3 months ago) brought an RTX 3070 MSI ventus2X OC. It is a dual fan FPU and ran pretty fine at 98-99% usage at 1900MHz and gave the temperature of about 70-75C sometimes touching 80.

But recently the card has been keeping 90-92 C at 1600MHz and 70-80% usage due to thermal throttling. My room gets fairly warm during the summers. Even when I switch on air conditioning, it still runs at 86 - 88 C.

The cooling is adequate on the PC. The case is an ATX case (Antec NX210) , there are 3 intake fans and 1 exhaust fans. There is enough space between the graphics card and the bottom of the case to get enough air through.

I wanted to know whether I can cool it further with some software tweaks as I don’t want to open the card as it is still in warranty.