How can I remove text printing from the UEFI Logo interface?

AGX Xavier, when I started from UEFI, I found that there would be some text printing in the logo loading phase, as shown in the following figure. At this time, the program starts normally, but we want to remove the text printing in the UEFI Logo stage (for aesthetic purposes). What should we do?

Hi aliyaolei,

These messages are the only way we know what is being attempted to boot in case someone sees an issue.

If you don’t want to see these messages,
please just customized the UEFI binary, removing the ErrorPrint calls. in L4TLauncher.c
edk2-nvidia/L4TLauncher.c at main · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia · GitHub

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Thanks for your answer. According to your method, we turned off some printing. However, there are still four lines with EFI stub: that cannot be removed. See the last four lines in the figure above for details.
EFI stub: How do I remove the four lines that begin with printing?

These messages are from kernel.
Path: Linux_for_Tegra/sources/kernel/kernel-5.10/drivers/firmware/efi/libstub/

You also could try to remove them and re-build kernel image.

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