How can I run classification sample in Deepstream 2.0

In deepstream 1.5 there are 3 samples in folder that are classification , object detection , etc .
but in deepstream 2.0 , It only has 1 samples that is object detection so
How can i download or run classification sample on deepstream 2.0 ?
Thank you

Hi Terakale,
For easy usage, we removed the classification sample.
You have no way to download now.

I want to know, is it possible for yourself to implementation?

Or let me know why you need it, I will talk to release team.

wayne zhu

Hi Waynezhu,

We have Nvidia workshop in Thailand [details in below link]

and we want to present deepstream 2.0 in the workshop. If you have classification sample that can be run in version 2.0 , please sent to my email.

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Hi Terakale,
Can you check source code in deepstream-app deepstream_secondary_gie_bin.c, we can enable classification in config.

wayne zhu

Please get the latest deepstream 2.0 SDK which has classification sample test2.