How can I send to back the in kit app template


I am doing a new app from the kit app template. These rows have been added to my kit file.
“omni.kit.uiapp” = {}
“” = {}
“omni.kit.window.extensions” = {}
“Myextension.mycompany” = {}
“omni.kit.debug.settings” = {}

The application started fine. For a second I see the myextension and debug settings windows, but the next second they disappear and is displayed. I have to disable and enable my extension from Extension window to get it. I can not activate the debug window.
If I inactivate the “” dependency then I got all windows after the start.
I use the code-2023.1.1 and 105 app template.

Could you help me?

I added all direct dependencies of to my .kit and I got all windows.

I face the problem if I use the my_name.my_app.bat.
First I see the “My Window” but if I close the welcome page then I lost the My Window. I attached two pictures.