How can I set up reboot on failure/power-down (TX1)?


I’m currently trying to do some fairly constant vision processing on my TX1 (~12hrs/day), but am running into issues where the board will power down after a certain amount of time, I assume because it is overheating.

My question is, how could I go about setting up the TX1 and a microcontroller to reboot the board without any input from me when these failures occur?


If you are using the dev board you will find a two-pin header available for both the power and reset buttons. Just have your controller ground the relevant pin.

I guess the real question is how you would detect that the system failed instead of being turned off normally. You might need to explain more about how much access the controller would have, e.g., is there ethernet and your micro-controller has the ability to ping? Or perhaps it could sense if current draw exists and assume system is off when no current is drawn, so on.

If the regulators shut down you could just attach a wire to the 3V3 or 5V rails depending on the pin voltage of your microcontroller. You should probably have some sort of timer though, so you’re not just booting it immediately after it shuts down.

Thanks for the help! I will try to implement a solution in the coming days. Do either of you have any recommendations on microcontrollers that you’ve found to work well with the Jetson?

I don’t think it much matters. So long as the “switch” is open-drain/open-collector and handles 5V at low current (the header shorts a very high resistance 5V to ground as the means to emulate a button) there isn’t much of a requirement. Maybe you want it to have other functionality requirements, but for just power there isn’t any particular requirement.