How can I setting ISP with GStreamer

I want to setting ISP with GStreamer
so I want to know the way setting ISP with GStreamer.

And, I found out that ISP can be set in Camera_overrides.isp file.
Can I create and modify that camera_overrides.isp file?

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it’s image quality tuning related settings within ISP override files.
actually, we do not support that through forum discussion threads, please contact with sensor vendor for further supports.

So, is there a way to set up the ISP using GStreamer?

hello tnals,

please see-also Camera Architecture Stack.
it’ll uses Jetson ISP when you running camera via libargus.

Thank you.
I have a last question.
If you look at the .dtsi file as below, the values are written for each item. If I change the value, does the quality of the camera image change?

hello tnals,

no, those are property settings for each sensor mode of driver implementation.
please see-also developer guide, Individual Imaging Devices for reference,

Thank you.
And then, What should I do if I want to set the .dtsi of IMX219?

hello tnals,

I don’t understand your question clearly. may I have more details or your real use-case.
FYI, device tree settings used to store all the needed (sensor capability) information, in order to register sensor device as a V4L2 subdevice, and, it’s driver side to retrieve everything driver operation needs from device tree.

I will be using Jetson Nano and IMX219 camera.
However, when I looked it up, I found information about adding a camera module to the device tree as shown below.
So I’m wondering if I need to create a .dtsi file for IMX219 and add it.

you should no bother with that, it’s by default support Raspberry Pi v2, imx219.

Thank you for your reply

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