How can I setup TensorRT with Cudnn 7.6

Hi, all,

My environment is Ubuntu 16.04, with tensorflow-gpu 1.13.X, cuda 10.1, cudnn 7.6. I have already configured tensorRT well. In python, all the import package are fine, such as:

import tensorflow as tf
import tensorrt
import uff
import tensorflow.contrib.tensorrt

But when I try to save TensorRT model, there is the INFO: tensorflow : Running against TensorRT version 0.0.0. I searched the 5.X document which lists that cudnn and tf version should be 7.5 and 1.12.

Could you give me some advises to solve this problem? or should I have to degrade my tensorflow and cudnn?

Thanks, all

Hi wyhcjdtc,

Have you tried our NGC containers using nvidia-docker for your tasks before? They save a lot of hassle in trying to get all of the framework versions to match, and make work easily reproducible.

nvidia-docker setup instructions are here:

Check out the latest TensorRT container here:

If you follow through with using Python in the TensorRT container, make sure you run


as mentioned on the NGC link above.

NVIDIA Enterprise Support

Thanks, I’ll try to see if the docker is suitable for my project. But I still wonder if the problem I met is caused by tf and cudnn version.