How can I setup Wireshark or simmilar on Mellanox Switch?


We have Mellanox Onyx with version 3.7.1134 and would like to have Wireshark (or other sniffer) running on switch to monitor ports.

I followed instructions from “HowTo Enable Wireshark Over Docker Container (MLNX-OS)” in this link:

Both ubuntu and centos dockers, cannot install Wireshark.

Both containers cannot download “wireshark-gnome” and “dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts” (no match).

With ubuntu container i was able to install “Wireshark-gtk” but cannot run Wireshark - error about opening display.

Do you have a more updated and working instructions document?

Thanks for advise,


Hi Emil,

The community article was written in the time where latest docker images for centos and ubuntu were different.

for centos8 (latest docker image ), things have changed

CentOS (latest centos 8)

dnf -y update

dnf install wireshark

Ubuntu (latest 18.04.3)

apt-get -y update

apt-get -y install wireshark