How can I solve error:" ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./subsystems’: Operation not permitted" during soft link creation in setting up the NVMe over fabric, while i am a root user!

I am trying to setup NVMe over Fabrics using your post at “”.

I could reach step 10, but when I try to create the soft link according to step 10 as a root user, I am getting error:

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./subsystems’: Operation not permitted

I search a lot but I could not find any solution!

I appreciate if you help me.



Semmes like you have a configuration issue, with possible parameters-mismatching between “NVME-port” and “nvme-subsystem-name”.

Mainly check that the path to the NVMe device (e.g. /dev/nvmeon1) is correct that namespace is enabled, rdma-port is identical etc.

Other than that, check in Mellanox website support section all compatibility aspects between the mlnx_ofed Linux driver version vs. supported Linux OS vs. Mellanox adapter’s fw etc…