how can i test digital speaker, mic in TX2?

I used jetson-tx1 carrier board.
so i bought tx2 soc module.

I checked the audio output towards HDMI.

how can i test digital MIC/Speaker

E16 AO_DMIC_IN_CLK CAN_GPIO1 Digital Mic Input Clock Expansion Header Output CMOS – 1.8V
D16 AO_DMIC_IN_DAT CAN_GPIO0 Digital Mic Input Data GPIO Expansion Header Input CMOS – 1.8V
G4 DSPK_OUT_CLK GPIO_AUD3 Digital Speaker Output Clock Output CMOS – 1.8V
H4 DSPK_OUT_DAT GPIO_AUD2 Digital Speaker Output Data Output CMOS – 1.8V

I do not have a digital speaker amp.

I think it output a signal(DSPK_OUT_CLK, DSPK_OUT_DAT) when I will play audio file with Analog Output(tegra-snd-t186ref-mobile-rt565x, default setting), is it right?



The rt565x is another audio module not public to see. However you can design your audio board for you case.

How to use the DSPK?