How can I try out the NGX SDK?

It seems NGX SDK had been released,so how can I get it? how to join the early access program?

We have been trying to get access to the NGX SDK but without success.
We have developers just waiting for it.

I wonder what it takes to get into the early access program? Frustrating!

Same here…

Any update?

No updates…

At the bottom of this page is a link to join the Early Access Program:

Please let us know if you have applied at this link and not received follow up information on how to download the SDK.

I have applied 3 months ago without any response.

I have also applied several month ago and i only says “Pending”.
Very frustrating.

Any news regarding this?

Registered for the SDK this evening, I would love to give this a try.

I have applied for the NGX SDK and been waiting for over a year to try this. It just states pending approval. I was told this is not normal. Could someone from NVIDIA please check this? My account email is

I have also applied for the NGX SDK long time ago. My account email is

Hi. I have applied for the NGX and waiting for about 6 months.
My account

The NGX SDK is now available to the public.

Nothing changed. After clicking the “Download SDK” button, the page scrolls down and the “Join Early Access Program” button appears. After clicking on this button, it is redirected to the next page where you should send a request for joining.

I have reached out to the product manager to look into this. I will post updates back in this thread.


Big thanks. Will wait for the solution to this problem.

Update: I stand corrected, getting the NGX SDK still requires membership to the early access program. The product manager is going through all requests as quickly as possible. It will take some time to get to everyone through the system. Thanks for your patience.


Hi,how to join the early access program?