How can I uninstall this malware called Omniverse?

#1 It’s nice to see that I am forced to submit in which area I work in order to access the forum.

#2 It’s also nice to see that I am forced to say from which college I am.

#3 I am forced to select in which area I develop. Even though I am a simple end user.

#4 I uninstalled Omniverse via the normal Windows 10 process of opening the Preferences > Apps > Omniverse > Uninstall

That was not sufficient.

So I proceeded and used the Cleanup Tool:

Now Omniverse still pops up.

Can I only remove Omniverse by switching to Mac and/or do a fresh Windows install with a fresh

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hello @missgeburtensalato -
I am sorry you are having issues with the uninstall. The steps you have taken should have resulted in the removal of the startup link.

Can you check and see if this is still present (Startup Apps control panel). If present try and disable it.

The current windows uninstall and cleanup tool does not remove the .exe and related files at the moment



I was (probably) able to fix the issue.

#1 You have to deinstall it in Windows > Preferences > Apps > Omniverse > Uninstall
#3 Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Go to Autostart. Right-click on “Omniverse” and left-click on “Open file path”.
#4 Delete the folder.
#5 Hope and pray that all the junk is removed or do a fresh OS install.