How can I use an i2s mic as a standard audio input?

I am able to record from the microphone with the instructions on the l4t documentation, however I really need it to be available as a pulse audio input device. The input stream is also extremely quiet, I would need to amplify it before sending it to pulse audio.

Is there a way to do this? Maybe some kind of loopback?

Hi jcwscience,

Would like to know the default pulseaudio source device and subdevice on your target. Below command shall help in retrieving the default recording device details

pacmd list-sources | grep -e 'index:' -e device.string -e 'name:' -e 'available'  -e 'alsa.device ' -e 'alsa.subdevice '

Please share output of above command from your traget.

Further, have you connected your i2s mic on 40 pin GPIO expansion header?

For the volume issue, you could configure audio to pass through MVC audio module that can help in amplifying the signal. Example is available here. But if you you need specific instructions, we need to identify the card number and subdevice number


Ok I’ll try to get it to you today or tomorrow, thanks!

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