How can I use Animation Graph/Action Graph play animation and move the character?

Hi all
I watched this video about Animation Graph at Animation Graph Example Workflow — Omniverse Machinima documentation.
And download two animation from Asset Stores, one is running other is idle.Followed this video step by step,the character play running animation but not move when I press A.
So, I load Window > Animation > Animation Graph Samples > blend, the character will move and play animation while I press A.
I’m sure I missing something to config character translate,but I can find any sample or doc describe it.
Thanks in advance

Hello @user76666! I have another Community user that is experiencing a similar problem. (AnimGraph Instancing). I have reached out to the development team for more help. I will post back here as soon as I hear back!

Hello @WendyGram.
Thank for your prompt reply.
I checked the problem AnimGraph Instancing, it seems not similar with me. I create new stage and import amniation from Asset Stores, not create character at Animation Graph Samples stage.

Sorry for my stupid question… I’m a new both in NVIDIA OV and Unity/Unreal.I have no experience in animation.
After some days learning,I found animation and character transform should standalone.So I write a extension move the character while keyboard pressed event occur.It’s works well.

But I also found the sample:filter in Animation Graph Samples which has two animation one is stand_walk_loop_skelanim other is stand_walk_loop_in_place_skelanim.If I use stand_walk_loop_skelanim,the character will play walk animation and walk forward.

My question is what the different between stand_walk_loop_skelanim and stand_walk_loop_in_place_skelanim.Where can I read the doc about AnimationClip?