How can I use GStreamer play video in C++?

I want to know the c++ code example to play video.
because I would like to play 4K 10bit video for any GStreamer support format with 60FPS.
So, How can I do it?

Have you tried to play the video with one of the video pipelines from the Multimedia Guide (

If it works, you should be able to follow any number of Gstreamer tutorials to incorporate a stream into an app.

The 10-bit part might be tough: I don’t think the TX1 is capable of >8 bits per channel. It might play but you won’t get the extra colors.

First, I would recommend trying gstreamer pipeline as recommended above. But if you are specifically looking for C++ example of using gstreamer, check out the NVXIO library that comes with VisionWorks samples. It supports API using gstreamer for hardware accelerated video decoding in L4T.