how can I use neon intrinsics in Jetson TX1 A-57?

Hi all,

I am new for JTX1 and linux actually.

I am trying to use “neon intrinsics” on Jetson TX1.

I found the include file for neon, <arm_neon.h>, but code::block compiler show me some errors as below:

error: identifier “__builtin_neon_vaddhnv8hi” is undefined

error: identifier “__builtin_neon_vaddhnv4si” is undefined

Any idea? I have to use neon intrinsics.

I installed clang and gcc(default) compiler. (any other compiler has to be installed?)

Is your Jetson flashed with Linux4Tegra version R24.1?
See this site for trying gcc aarch64 options:

In particular, you may find the -march, mtune, mcpu arguments useful.