How can I use Nsight System to analyze Call of Duty Black Ops if it can only be opened with the Launcher?

I am trying to isolate a stutter problem I’m experiencing in Black Ops Cold War but I can’t use the blackopscoldwar.exe file because when it’s launched by Nsight it fails and says “always use the launcher.” Any assistance is appreciated.


I’m goign to loop in Doron, who is better than I am with our Windows tools. Have you tried turning on tracing child processes?

I have not, where is that located?

What version of Nsight Systems are you using?


Hi cookecaius,

I see in your separate later post Map/unmap causing persistent frame stutters, what do I do? that you managed to run and trace Black Ops Cold War from within Nsight Systems. I assume you used Nsight Systems to launch the launcher.
Tracing child process is enabled by default when tracing on a Windows machine.

I will address the questions in your other post on that post page.