How can I use ssh on AGX orin with micro usb on Jp5.1.1


Platform : AGX Orin
Jetpack : 5.1.1
board : custom carrier board

We are using AGX Orin with our custom board, and we have a micro usb for flash port

We want to use ssh on host to connect with this board

So we enable the micro usb OTG function by nvidia document( but actually I just want device mode function)

But this action( enable the micro usb OTG function) cause another usb typeA slow down to 5000M by checking command “lsusb -t”

This type A is directly using usb2-0 and UPHY0 come out of SOM(its speed should be 10000M)

I don’t know why micro usb may affect another type A

On the other hand, our hardware tell me that this micro usb doesn’t support OTG function

Because there’s no ID pin on micro usb

My question is how can I use ssh with my type A has 10000M speed?

Please help to solve it

Thanks for hlp


Actually you should provide the schematic, your device tree and the dmesg.
Please be aware that we are not your colleague so know nothing about your board and there are lots of reasons could lead to usb fail to work.

The dmesg when you reproduce the problem you want to ask.

Here’s dmesg log
dmesg.txt (84.2 KB)

Here’s lsusb result, the testing device is Kingston usb 3.2 gen2 (

please convert your dtb back to dts and attach that dts here.

output.dts (529.4 KB)


Could you also share the log where you cannot reproduce issue?

I mean when the timing you saw the Kingson drive becomes gen2.

When I change back the otg to origin settings, the speed is gen2, but ssh can’t be using


dmesg_ucsi.txt (83.4 KB)


If you just totally disable usb2-0 and CCG, what will be the result on usb2-1+usb3-0?

Disable usb2-0 could cause flash port can’t work?

I can try to disable them, but it may not be use for my case

because I need the usb2-0 for flash

I can try to disable them, but it may not be use for my case


I know. It is just debug purpose.

Sorry that the former testing is wrong

After correctly disabled 2-0 and CCG

The result on usb2-1+usb3-0 is 10000M

Here’s dmesg and lsusb
dmesg_dis2-0.txt (82.5 KB)


Based on this test, I would say please correct the hardware on that micro usb first. And modify the DT accordingly.

You cannot use a wrong configuration/dtb to prove something would work. That could just be coincidence.


So if I need the ssh function on my micro usb, I can just porting the OTG as the document mentioned?

And because our hardware has no ID pin, the ssh function can work might be just coincident

So your advice is make the hardware correct to support this function, is that right?


Actually “no ID pin” is ok design if you only want to use device mode. You could refer to how the device tree is written in Xavier NX devkit dts.

That board also has no ID pin and only works in device mode.

Okay, Thanks for your great help

I will try it

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