How can I use the German Citrinet with Riva TTS

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Hardware - Jetson Orin AGX - NVIDIA Ampere based
Hardware - ARM
Operating System - Jetson Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
Riva Version (2.12.1)
TLT Version (if relevant)
How to reproduce the issue ? No Error but question how to use


I am new to the Riva plattform and I could manage using the documentation to start ASR and TTS in English. For TTS I could use the out-of-the-box voice names “English-US.Female-1”.

I can also manage to run the German ASR.

Now my question: Where Do I find the corresponding voice name for the German language? Or how can I use the German (I am using the Citrinet 1024) language within the TTS. Guess that this is quite a simple question for the experts out there, but hey, everybody has to start small.

Thanks for the response.


HI @ismet.guelkanat

Thanks for your interest in Riva

We can deploy custom models for TTS

Please find the germal TTS model link below

Please find the instructions on how to use custom nemo models for Riva