How can init the MAX9296 chip at TX2 R32.2?

How can init the MAX9296 chip at TX2 R32.2?

We use MAX9296+max9295+IMX390 ,

use one MAX9296 ,two max9295, two IMX390 ,
now I know the MAX9296 can reset and init once.
now if imx390(a) device is init ,at first it is reset and init MAX9296.
if imx390(b) device is init ,then it is reset and init MAX9296 again?

if I use one MAX9296+four max9295+four IMX390 , HOW can write the device source code?
I need know HOW can reset and init the MAX9296.

hello sensor_test,

according to Jetson TX2 Series Software Features, please refer to [CSI and USB Camera Features], and check [GMSL Camera and VC Support].
we had release IMX390 as reference driver to demonstrate this feature.


do you use third party camera format conversion board on top of TX2 for MAX9296+max9295+IMX390 ?

hello vic420,

please refer to Camera Architecture Stack.

you should configure SerDes Pixel Clock, and let camera driver receive the signaling that using SerDes correctly.
camera software stack handle the signaling regarding to properties settings.
you should also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for the details of camera solutions.