How Can Install mlx90640 camera in Jetson nano


I would like to get the steps for installing a thermal camera mlx90640 in Jetson nano

In which port should I connect on the board

is there such application or code should I install


Does it CSI interface?
Have a check the design guide to know how the HW connection.
And check the sensor programing guide to implement/integrate the driver/device tree.


No it is not connected to CSI board so I am looking where can I connect and steps in jetson

kindly looking to you support

You have to check what’s the interface mlx90640 connect to the host. And check the Jetson user guide to how how to connect to jetson.


Can I get the user guide link for connecting mlx90640 to jetson nano

Sorry, this device not include in the default reference board that we don’t have it.

The mlx90640 is an I2C thermal camera sensor. It has 24x32 pixels of resolution.

You can connect it to the Jetson on the general GPIO, connecting it to the I2C bus like any other I2C device.

You then need to talk to it using the Linux I2C API, which is slightly different from the Arduino functionality you’ll typically see in tutorials on the web. It’s the same for all Linux systems, so you can find it among normal linux documentation, such as for example here:

Note that you will need to know the device address, and the protocol to use to turn it on and read data from it. This can be easily extracted from the code for using this camera with an Arduino, which you can for example find here: